Cell tower finder

Now that you have the HDTV of your choice, I am sure you're searching for the best HDTV antenna. So what's the fuss about all these different varieties of antenna the techies keep talking about? Is it really that complex and technical to choose the best HDTV antenna?

Essentially, HDTV antenna's are catching the signals that are sent out by the broadcasting cell phone tower location of television stations. They don't just catch the bandwidth (channel assigned to each television station), they pick up the VHF and UHF frequencies of each station.

This way, it is easy to know exactly the area where the phone is although the exact location may not be known. Using triangulation, the tracking can be narrowed down to a few meters although accuracy is not as good as GPS which later came on.

Amplified antennas electrically increase the ability to receive a weak signal. These antennas are especially good for people living in rural areas because the incoming signal might need a boost. It is quite interesting to know that you can actually track down cell phone tower location without leaving the comfort of your room using the internet as a tool. The cell phone is not meant to be stationery and as such it can be very difficult to carry out this task but it is not impossible to do it.

A mobile tracking system basically is of two types a physical one and software based one. People who choose to go for a physical one need to keep updating it. A physical one requires manual updating by removing the physical tracker. The negative point here is that there are chances for it to get lost in due course of time. Because of these problems in a physical system many people prefer the software based system. It is easy and for using it users just need to install it in their phone.